About Chicago Harris

Who was Irving B. Harris and why was your school named after him?
Irving B. Harris was a successful businessman and a remarkable philanthropist. He dedicated his life to improving the well-being of children and the disadvantaged. In 1986, he provided an endowment that launched Chicago Harris. His mission for the school (which continues today) is to empower scholars to seek impartial, policy-relevant knowledge and train leaders to put that knowledge to work for the public good.

What separates your students and program from other policy schools?
What makes our program unique is the core. The core is comprised of various disciplines and fields such as economics, political science, statistics, econometrics, political economy, program evaluation, and more. Our program provides students the ability to develop the skills needed to be effective leaders in their chosen careers by honing technical and analytic skills.

Where can I find a list of the graduate school rankings in public policy?
Over the years, several organizations have published rankings of graduate schools in related categories, such as public affairs, policy analysis and public service. For an overview of relevant rankings, please read our statement on rankings. 

What percentage of students go to work in the federal, nonprofit, or public sectors?
Typically, a third go on to work federally, a third go on to work for non-profits, and a third go on to work in the public sector.

What percentage of students stay in Chicago upon graduation?
Typically, 38% of recent graduates continue to live in Chicago upon graduation.

What percentage of students are minorities?
About 15% of our students are domestic underrepresented minorities.

Where can I find a list of classes?
Just go to our website’s homepage under Degrees, and click Courses.

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Is there a list of area cabs I can call?
You can find cab information on our Directions page.

Is there a shuttle that goes to the airport?
You can find various shuttle options on our Directions page.

How safe is it to take the train (CTA) or Metra?
Metra is definitely closer than taking the CTA, but both are fine to take. 

Where can I park?
Chicago Harris has a parking lot behind the building and with due notice can reserve a parking pass for visitors.

Where can I find a map of the University of Chicago?
You can find maps of the University, Hyde Park, and the Chicagoland area on our Maps page.

Where is the Chicago Harris located?
Chicago Harris is located at 1155 East 60th Street, on the corner of 60th & Woodlawn. Woodlawn is a mile west of Lake Shore Drive and/or a mile east of Cottage Grove.

Where is the campus bookstore?
The University of Chicago Barnes and Noble Bookstore is located at 970 East 58th Street. To get there from the Chicago Harris, just exit our building and walk west on 60th to Ellis, cross the midway, continue walking north to 58th. The bookstore will be on your left.

Is it possible to stay and dine at the Quadrangle Club?
Guests are allowed to stay and dine at the Quadrangle Club. For reservations or more information on dining you can access their website here.

Do you have a list of restaurants in Hyde Park?
While this list may not be comprehensive, it provides a great overview of Hyde Park dining.

Is there a list of area hotels?

You can find a full list of hotels in the area here

The University has a preferred hotel program, through which you can receive a discount on your registration. To see a list of participating hotels in the Chicago area click hereBe sure to mention that you are visiting the University when you book your stay.

Also recommended is Hyatt Place Chicago–South, based in Hyde Park and designed to support the University of Chicago campus.

Where can I find a list of upcoming Chicago events?
You can access the City of Chicago website for Things to Do in Chicago.

What do tourists typically do while in Chicago?
Again, you can access the City of Chicago website for Things to Do In Chicago.