Applied Experience

Don't wait until graduation to make a difference. Create the impact you want to see, starting day one.

Confront issues arising in Chicago and around the world through internships, practica, international partnerships, and other experiential learning opportunities, from Harris Policy Labs, which develops solutions for client organizations, to one-on-one mentoring with top policy practitioners. 


Harris Policy Labs

The Harris Policy Labs (HPL) is an intensive experiential learning initiative in which teams of Harris MPP students apply their rigorous Harris education to real-time public policy challenges facing client organizations. Students completing the program will be better prepared policy professionals with a competitive advantage in the job market.
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Mentor program

Our mentor program—the only one of its kind at a major public policy school—matches eligible students one-on-one with top policy practitioners from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Many mentoring matches evolve into lasting professional relationships.
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Summer internships

Internships give students the opportunity to put analytical tools to work in a variety of domestic and international settings. Students apply either directly to an organization for individual internships, or as part of a Chicago Harris group project organized for a client agency. Students may earn a stipend.
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Chicago-area practica

Students participate in faculty-supervised team projects for a client organization. They may analyze and evaluate programs, develop and administer surveys, conduct needs assessments, and engage in other types of policy-related research. Students are selected through a competitive application process and earn course credit.
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International policy practica

In seminar-style courses, select students study an international policy issue, take a faculty-led trip to the region or country, meet with local policy leaders, and create a case study of the seminar topic. Second-year students are selected through a competitive application process and earn course credit.  
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International partnerships

Chicago Harris partners with institutions around the world to create exchange opportunities for students, executives, faculty, and researchers. These partnerships help students broaden their perspectives on policy successes and failures.
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Speaker series

Current and former heads of state, internationally recognized business and economic leaders, acclaimed authors and scholars—all are drawn to the academic excellence of Chicago Harris, giving students the opportunity to learn from speakers and instructors who have a unique global perspective and are making a difference in the world. Speakers have included Nobel Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus, former U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix, and Children’s Defense Fund president Marian Wright Edelman.
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