Innovators in Social Policy


Who We Are

Innovators in Social Policy (ISP)*seeks to bolster the professional development of up-and-coming thought leaders in social policy by stimulating a healthy curiosity and dialogue on shaping the response to some of the biggest questions relevant to the nature of our social existence. ISP has a particular interest in child and family policy but views this as inseparable from the larger social policy issues that affect human flourishing -- such as economic stability across the lifespan, housing, community development, social care and protection, and physical and mental health. Given the broad scope of social policy, ISP frequently partners with fellow student organizations in hosting speaker and networking events. The student-led organization is supported by the Center for Human Potential and Public Policy (CHPPP).  

What We Do

  • Host events such as panel discussions and Lunch and Learn sessions featuring expert social policy researchers and practitioners
  • Facilitate networking opportunities for members with peers, academics and policy practitioners
  • Provide informal opportunities for members to brainstorm and dig deeper into concepts and issues of interest

How to Get Involved

We would be thrilled to welcome you to ISP! Join our listserv to receive updates on current ISP events or feel free to contact co-chairs Luis Carrera  ( and Ernesto Tiburcio ( for more information.

*Formerly known as Leaders in Child & Family Policy (LCFP)