PPE Workshop Archive

2015-2016 Workshops

Sept 29Eric Zwick (Booth)
"Stimulating Housing Markets" (speaker will provide copies during the presentation)
Oct 6Bruce Meyer (Harris)
"Using Linked Survey and Administrative Data to Better Measure Income:  Implications for Poverty, Program Effectiveness and Holes in the Safety Net"
Oct 13Maya Rossin-Slater (UCSB)
"Parental Responses to Child Support Obligations:  Evidence from Administrative Data"
Oct 20Rob Metcalfe (BFI - Post-Doc)
"A New Approach to an Age-old Problem:  Solving Externalities by Incenting Workers Directly"
Oct 27Paulina Oliva (UCSB)
"Technology adoption under uncertainty:   Take up and subsequent investment in Zambia"
Nov 3Anita Mukherjee (Wisconsin)
"Do Private Prisons Distort Justice?  Evidence on Time Served and Recidivism"
Nov 10Roland Fryer (Harvard)
"Understanding Racial Differences"
Nov 17Ofer Malamud (Harris)
"Interactions Between Family and School Environments"
Nov 24Katherine Meckel (EPIC - Post-Doc)
"Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?  Unintended Consequences of Fraud Reduction in Transfer Programs"
Dec 1Hugh Macartney (Duke) "Education Production and Incentives"
Mar 29Seth Zimmerman (Chicago Booth)
"Making the One Percent:  The Role of Elite Universities and Elite Peers"
Apr   5Kyung Park (Wellesley)"Minority Disadvantage in Democratic Elections"  (No electronic copy available at this time) "Abstract"
Apr 12Lisa Kahn (Yale) "Do Recessions Accelerate Routine Biased Technological Change?  Evidence from Vacancy Postings" (with Brad Hershbein)
Apr 19Rebecca Diamond  (Stanford University) "The Long-term Consequences of Teacher Discretion in Grading of High-Stakes Tests"
Apr 26Imran Rasul (UCL-UK) "Ethnic Sentencing Differentials in the Federal Criminal Justice System" Brendon McConnell (Southhampton and Imran Rasul (UCL)
May  3Peter Blair (Clemson University)"Why Don't Elite Schools Expand Supply" (Abstract)
May 10Tom Wollmann (Chicago Booth)"The Impact of money on science:  Evidence from unexpected college football outcomes"
May 17Jeff Clemens (University of California at San Diego/Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research) "The Minimum Wage and the Great Recession"
May 24Parag Pathak  (MIT) "Research Design Meets Market Design:  Using Centralized Assignment for Impact Evaluation"
May 31Maria Fitzpatrick (Cornell University) "Intergovernmental (Dis)incentives, Free-Riding, Teacher Salaries and Teacher Pensions"


2014-2015 Workshops

Sept 30Damon Jones (Chicago Harris)
"The Social Security Earnings Test and Retirement:  Evidence and Implications"
Oct 7Daniel Bennett (Chicago Harris)
"Learning, Hygiene, and Traditional Medicine"
Oct 14Francisco Gallego (Catolica de Chile)
"Adopting A Cleaner Technology: The Effect of Driving Restrictions on Fleet Turnover" (joint with Hernan Barahona and Juan Pablo Montero, PUC-Chile)
Oct 21David Hemous (INSEAD)
"The Rise of the Machines:  Automation, Horizontal Innovation, and Income Inequality," joint with Morton Olsen, IESE
Oct 28Steve Rivkin (UIC)
"The Evolution of Charter School Quality"
Nov 4Alex Mas (Princeton)
"Does Transparency Lead to Pay Compression?"
Nov 11Josh Gottlieb (UBC)
"Bargaining in the Shadow of a Giant:  Medicare's Influence on Private Payment Systems," joint with Jeffrey Clemens, UCSD
Nov 18Steve Cicala (Chicago Harris)
"Imperfect Markets versus Imperfect Regulation in the U.S. Electricity Industry"
Nov 25Robert LaLonde (Chicago Harris) and Joonhwi Joo
"Testing for Selection Bias"
Dec 2Owen Zidar (Chicago Booth)
"Tax Cuts for Whom?"
March 31Magne Mogstad (Chicago)
"The Insurance-Incentive Tradeoff in Disability Screening" written jointly by A. Kostol and A. Autor
April 7Manuela Angelucci (Michigan)
"When Incentives backfire:  Spillover effects in food choice"
April 14Patricia Anderson (Dartmouth)
"Food Insecurity and the Great Recession: The Role of Unemployment Duration, Credit and Housing Markets" which is joint work with Kristin Butcher, Hilary Hoynes and Diane Schanzenbach
April 21Paul Gertler (Berkeley)
"Long Run Effects of Temporary Incentives on Medical Care Productivity"
April 28Xavier Gine (World Bank)
"Forecasting When it Matters: Evidence from Semi-Arid India", with Robert Townsend and James Vickery
May 5David Laibson (Harvard)
"Optimal Illiquidity" John Beshears, James Choi, Christopher Clayton, Christopher Harris, David Laibson, and Brigitte Madrian
May 12Anya Samek (Wisconsin)
"Dynamic Inconsistency in Food Choice: Experimental Evidence from a Food Desert"
May 19Conrad Miller (Princeton/Berkeley)
"When Work Moves: Job Suburbanization and Black Employment"
May 26Richard Hornbeck (Harvard)
"Who Benefits from Productivity Growth?  The Local and Aggregate Impacts of Local TFP Shocks on Wages, Rents, and Inequality"
June 2Reed Walker (Berkeley)
"Supply Chain Linkages and Risk in Local Labor Markets:  Evidence from the U.S. Automotive Industry"


2012-2013 Workshops

April 2Alessandra Voena (Chicago Econ)
"Prenuptial Agreements and Household Wellbeing: Theory and Evidence from Italy "
April 9Ioana Marinescu (Chicago Harris)
"Understanding wage dispersion and job search: the key role of occupations"
April 16Marit Rehavi (UBC)
"Physicians Treating Physicians: Information and Incentives in Childbirth"
April 23Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern Econ)
"Does Economic Growth Reduce Corruption? Theory and Evidence from Vietnam"
April 30Ebonya Washington (Yale)
"Valuing the Vote: The Redistribution of Voting Rights and State Funds Following the Voter Rights Act of 1965"
May 7Gabriella Conti (Chicago Harris)
May 14Ali Hortascu (Chicago Econ)
"Advertising and Competition in Privatized Social Security: The Case of Mexico"
May 21Pat Kline (UC Berkeley)
"What Distributional Impacts Mean: Welfare Reform Experiments and Competing Margins of Adjustment"
May 28David Dorn (CEMFI/Harvard)
"Trade Adjustment: Worker Level Evidence"
June 4Liran Einav (Stanford)
"The Response of Drug Expenditure to Contract Design in Medicare Part D"


2011-2012 Workshops

September 27John Gruber (MIT)
"Do Expensive Hospitals Achieve Better Outcomes? Evidence from Ambulance Referral Patterns & Dispatch-Area Boundaries"
October 4Sebastian Galiani (Washington University)
"The heterogeneous impact of conditional cash transfers in Honduras"
October 11John Ham (University of Maryland)
"Pollution, Test Scores and the Distribution Of Academic Achievement: Evidence From California Schools 2002-2008"
October 18Ashley Langer (University of Michigan)
"Demographic Preferences and Price Discrimination in New Vehicle Sales"
November 1John Friedman (Harvard University)
"Using Differences in Knowledge Across Neighborhoods to Uncover the Impacts of the EITC on Earnings"
November 8Olmo Silva (London School of Economics)
"Everybody Needs Good Neighbours? Evidence from Students’ Outcomes in England"
November 15Lucas Davis (UC Berkeley)
"Deregulation, Consolidation, and Efficiency: Evidence from U.S. Nuclear Power"
November 22Bruce Meyer (University of Chicago)
"Saving Teens: Using a Policy Discontinuity to Estimate the Effects of Medicaid Eligibility"
November 29Hilary Hoynes (UC Davis)
"Income, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and Infant Health"
March 27Pascaline Dupas (Stanford)
"School Governance, Teacher Incentives and Pupil-Teacher Ratios: Evidence from Kenyan Primary Schools"
April 3Till von Wachter (Columbia)
"The Effect of Unemployment Insurance Extensions on Reemployment Wages"
April 10Koichiro Ito (Stanford)
"Do Consumers Respond to Marginal or Average Price? Evidence from Nonlinear Electricity Pricing"
April 17Devin Pope (Chicago Booth)
"Projection Bias in the Car and Housing Markets"
April 24Michael Greenstone (MIT)
"Defending Against Environmental Insults: Drugs, Emergencies, Deaths, and the NOx Emissions Markets"
May 1Amanda Kowalski (Yale University)
"Mandate-Based Health Reform and the Labor Market: Evidence from the Massachusetts Reform"
May 8Abigail Wozniak (Notre Dame)
"Discrimination and the Effects of Drug Testing on Black Employment"
May 15Ioana Marinescu (University of Chicago)
"Wages, Job Queues, and Skills"
May 22Jessica Goldberg (University of Maryland)
"Revising Commitments: Field Evidence on the Adjustment of Prior Choices"
May 29Jeremy Tobacman (University of Pennsylvania)
"Do Payday Loans Cause Bankruptcy?"
June 5Kirabo Jackson (Northwestern)
"Match Quality, Worker Productivity, and Worker Mobility: Direct Evidence From Teachers"