Hiring Harris Students and Alumni

Why Hire Harris?

The need for smart policy professionals has never been as important as it is today. Organizations need individuals who understand the dynamic implications of an increasingly interconnected global economy, who have the ability to respond to changing rules and regulations, and who are talented in maximizing public-private partnerships to achieve objectives.

The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy trains leaders to address these complex challenges with creative, critical thinking and a rigorous quantitative and analytical approach that has earned Chicago Harris its international reputation for excellence. Our students and alumni are known for their ability to not only solve problems, but also to ask the right questions to ensure effective and efficient solutions. Our faculty trains students to look at issues—from health care access to nuclear proliferation—from all angles using advanced, quantitative skills that develop evidence-based policy recommendations for change and growth.

Students choose Chicago Harris to gain the tools and knowledge necessary to change the world, and employers choose Chicago Harris because they know our graduates have the skill set, the passion, and the substantive knowledge to hit the ground running. Our alumni make a difference at every level, in every sector, and on all issues. Put Chicago Harris training and tradition to work solving your organization’s most complex problems.

Who Hires Harris?

Outstanding employers turn to Chicago Harris to identify smart, committed candidates for coveted positions. 

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