Post a Job / Internship


HarrisLink is the Career Development Office's comprehensive online database that assists students and alumni with researching and identifying potential employment opportunities. As an employer, you can post job and internship opportunities, and view the resumes of students and alumni using HarrisLink.

If you wish to use HarrisLink to post a job/internship, you must first create an account.

Connect to HarrisLink

Once registered, HarrisLink provides you with the ability to post jobs and internships; view student and alumni resumes; collect applications; schedule information sessions, interviews, or receptions, and more.

To establish an account:
   1) Go to the HarrisLink website
   2) Click on ‘Register’
   3) Complete the form and submit your information
   4) You will receive an email message containing your username and password

Once you have logged in, you can change your password.
   1) Click on ‘Profile’ in the top navigation bar on your homepage
   2) Click on the “Password/Preferences” tab
   3) Change your password
   4) Make sure to save before exiting the page

Refer to the many video tutorials for tips on navigating the system and getting the most out of HarrisLink for you or your organization. If you have any questions, contact Angela Perez at 773.834.9082 or

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