ST&S 2012: Sponsors


The Center for Human Potential and Public Policy

The Center for Human Potential and Public Policy, founded in 1998 with an endowment from the Irving B. Harris Foundation, is a university-based center that promotes trans-disciplinary research and training on achievement, health, and well-being across the lifespan.

The Center is located within the Harris School of Public Policy Studies at the University of Chicago. In the University of Chicago tradition, the Center encourages innovative research on human potential and public policy that transcends the academic disciplines. The Center thus has three cross-cutting program areas cultivating student and faculty research across a broad spectrum of interests at the Harris School and the University.

The Center also has an active training program for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The research and training activities of the Center are motivated by the goal of understanding the human condition from pre-birth to old age and identifying the public policies and technologies that support achievement, health, and well-being across the lifespan.


Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group

The Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group brings together an international community of world class scholars and practitioners to study and report on the determinants of inequality and its consequences, with particular emphasis on how economic, social, educational and health policies affect life outcomes and economic development. The Global Working Group is uniquely comprehensive in its scope and its inclusion of diverse points of view.  Our research goes beyond the traditional focus on redistribution through taxes and transfers as the primary means of reducing inequality. We consider predistribution—understanding policies that promote the capabilities that allow persons and societies to flourish. 

Our concept of flourishing is inclusive and draws on notions and findings from philosophy, epidemiology, economics, psychology, genetics, and anthropology, including, but not confined to, traditional policies of redistribution. We are creating an international research community that explores ideas and conducts research that ranges over a wide field of knowledge.  The title of the network reflects this comprehensive vision.  Our focus on human capital refers to our concern about the capabilities of individuals, be it their cognitive skills and education, personality traits, or basic biology.  Economic opportunity is a basic focus and we examine how outcomes are determined by the social, political and economic contexts in which individuals function.