Center for Municipal Finance

Coursework that provides a strong foundation in public policy and financial decision-making

Certificate in Municipal Finance

The Certificate in Municipal Finance is a one-of-a-kind offering that prepares Harris students for careers in local and state governments, as well as private-sector financial and consulting firms. It is awarded upon completion of a four-course curriculum that will equip students with the skills to diagnose and manage state and local government financial activities.

"The certificate will provide flexibility of opportunity depending on how a student chooses to incorporate it," said Michael Belsky, MPP'83, a Chicago Harris lecturer who is teaching one of the required courses. "For public policy graduates it's invaluable knowledge of the public finance sector; it's a distinction for law students to later practice as a bond counsel or general government counsel; for Chicago Booth students it's additional understanding to broaden the ability to work on public-private partnerships or developing strategies for investing in municipal finance." 


The applications process is as follows:

  • Applications must be submitted by the 10th week of spring quarter of the student's first year
  • Applications consist of a transcript; resume; and brief statement of purpose and interest in the program.
  • Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA at the time of application
  • Applicants should upload their materials HERE >>

Certificate Courses and Requirements

See Municipal Finance Certificate PDF


The Municipal Finance Scholarship may be awarded to a Harris student who has demonstrated a strong interest in municipal finance. The recipient will be expected to complete the Certificate in Municipal Finance. The amount of the award will vary depending on the qualifications of the student. However, the minimum offer for most scholarships is 25 percent of tuition costs for two years. The Center for Municipal Finance may also fund and administer scholarships for doctoral students focusing on municipal finance. For more information, please see Scholarships and Fellowships.