Center for Survey Methodology

Upcoming and Recent Events

Upcoming and Recent Activities

  1. Professor Jon Krosnick (Stanford) was the Center’s first visiting scholar (Fall 2014). Jon participated in a half-day meeting on a Center research project, had meetings with individual graduate students and researchers, and presented a seminar entitled The Role of Americans’ Attitudes on Global Warming in Political Campaigns.
  2. The Center convened two scholar-practitioner conferences in 2015, one involving prominent Democratic political practitioners (May) and one involving prominent Republican political practitioners (October). The purpose of these conferences, entitled How Voters Think: Lessons from Science and Practice, was to provide a rare opportunity for the scholars and practitioners to discuss their respective understandings of how electoral politics really works, and to debate the relevance and impact of scholarly research on the practices of political campaigns. The conferences brought together scholars in psychology and political science with seasoned polling practitioners and other political practitioners including media consultants, digital practitioners and campaign managers. These unique conferences were sponsored by the Center for Survey Methodology with support from the Population Research Center and the UChicago Institute of Politics.  The conveners were Marc Farinella, Jon Krosnick, and Colm O’Muircheartaigh.
  3. Following up on the Center's successful conference between political scholars and Democratic practitoners in May 2015, the Center convened an hour and a half long virtual conference during which a panel of four prominent Democratic political consultants detailed for a group of political scientists and political psychologists campaign decison-making processes and the major roles in political campaigns.
  4. Working with the University’s High Performance NeuroImaging Laboratory [HPEN: Professor John Cacioppo and Professor Stephanie Cacioppo] the Center is conducting exploratory research on the attitudinal and neurological responses of partisan individuals to politically sensitive words and phrases. Marc Farinella and Colm O’Muircheartaigh are leading the Harris component of the study.