All Harris Courses

Below you will find a list of all the courses offered by the Harris School in recent quarters. Click on the course titles to view a description of each course, or click the links at the left to view the current quarter's course schedule or to find information on current or previously offered Harris School mini-courses. Current Harris School students may visit the Dean of Students Advising & Registration page for additional information.

Course Number Title
30101 Mathematical Methods for Public Policy: Algebra
30102 Math Methods For Public Policy (Calculus)
30510 Data Analytics for Campaigns
30520 Text Mining in Public Policy
30525 Next Generation Data: Sources, Access, Analytics
30530 Computation for Public Policy
30550 Introduction to Programming for Public Policy
30560 Data Visualization
30570 Quantitative Text Analysis for Public Policy
30600 Principles of Developmental Psychology for Public Policy I: The Child in Social Context
30601 Topics in Family and Child Policy: Policy and Research Frameworks
30602 Child and Family Policy and Evaluation
30700 Principles of Developmental Psychology for Public Policy II: The Family
30800 Political Economy for Public Policy
31001 Statistics for Public Policy I
31100 Statistics for Public Policy II
31201 Mathematical Statistics for Public Policy I
31301 Mathematical Statistics for Public Policy II
31400 The Political Economy of Weakly Institutionalized Settings
31510 Education Policy in an International Context
31520 Early Childhood Development and Public Policy
31600 Political Institutions and the Policy Process
31602 Analytical Politics II: The Policy Making Process (International)
31603 Analytical Policts II: Developing World
31604 Analytical Politics II: Developed World
31720 The Science of Elections and Campaigns
31730 The Strategic Uses of Survey Research in Political Campaigns
31820 Security and Geopolitics of Pakistan
31900 Organization Theory and Public Management
31920 Decisions and Organizations
31920 Decisions and Organizations
31940 Psychology of Policy Design
32000 Finance
32100 State and Local Public Finance
32200 Public Finance and Public Policy
32230 Public Finance and Public Policy 1
32300 Principles of Microeconomics and Public Policy I
32310 Advanced Microeconomics for Public Policy I
32400 Principles of Microeconomics and Public Policy II
32400 Principles of Microeconomics and Public Policy II - Bennett
32501 Red State, Blue State: Opinion, Elections, and Representation
32510 Environment, Agriculture and Food: Economic and Policy Analysis
32530 The Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds
32600 Analyzing and Communicating Public Policy
32700 Persuasion and Policy Analysis
32710 Theory of Organizations
32720 The Future of Government
32730 Why Nations Fail
32740 Order & Violence: Advanced Political Economy of Development
32800 Environmental Economics
32810 Winning Issue Campaigns
32900 Taxation and Public Finance
33000 Distributive Politics
33101 Party, Ideology, and Policy in the United States
33200 Poverty, Inequality and Investments in Education
33210 Islam and the West
33220 Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy
33301 Welfare Policy
33400 U.S. National Security Policy
33411 U.S. National Security Policy
33501 Politics and Process in American Foreign Policy
33510 Nuclear Policy
33520 Social Psychology of Behavior in Organizations
33530 Strategies and Processes of Negotiations
33600 Inequality, Poverty, and American Politics
33601 Investment Management
33700 Cognitive Issues in Public Policy
33710 Campaigns and Elections
33730 Firms, Governments & Activists: Business in the Non-Market Environment
33800 Politics and Policy in the States
33820 The Intersection of Cyber Threats and Human Rights
33901 Matching, Efficiency, and Inequality
33910 Environmental Analysis Methods
34000 Analysis of Regional Policy
34110 School Readiness: Child Development and Public Policy
34120 Social Change, Civil Society, and Democracy in Israel
34130 Public Finance and Public Policy 1
34210 Mini-Course: Credit Analysis and Debt Management
34220 Seminar on Public Policy and Economic Equality
34230 Public Finance and Public Policy 2
34240 Real Estate, Banking, and Household Finance
34310 Mini-Course: A Century's Quest for National Consensus on Energy Policy
34311 Mini-course: K-12 Education Policy
34312 K-12 Education Policy
34400 Topics in Finance
34401 Topics in Financial Economics
34500 Macroeconomics for Public Policy
34600 Program Evaluation
34700 Cognitive Anomalies and Public Policy
34710 Housing Policy and the Crisis
34801 Advanced Topics in International Political Economy
34810 Mixed Methods Approaches to Policy Research
34901 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
34910 The Context of Education Policy
35000 Principles of Developmental Psychology for Public Policy
35010 Practical Tools for Advancing Public Policy
35010 Practical Tools for Advancing Public Policy
35020 Women in Public Leadership
35101 IIT China Studio I
35102 IIT China Studio II
35110 Economic Demography and Public Policy
35120 Economic Demography
35201 Economics and Public Health in the Developing World
35210 Economics and International Health
35240 Education in Developing Contexts
35245 Violence in the Early Years
35300 International Trade Theory and Policy
35301 Aging and Health Policy
35400 Topics in U.S. Health Economics, Sociology, and Policy
35410 Political Feasibility Analysis
35411 Political Feasibility Analysis: Winning Strategies in Public Policy
35501 Poverty and Economic Development
35600 Public and Private Sector Collective Bargaining
35700 Economics of Education Policy
35801 Political Economy of Cities and Metropolitan Areas
35900 Parent, Child, and the State
35901 Using and Analyzing Urban Data
36000 Budgeting and Financial Planning
36010 Public Budgeting
36020 Public Sector Pensions
36040 Public Budgeting and Accounting
36100 Accounting and Financial Information Systems
36110 Poverty, Inequality, and Government Policy
36200 The Youth Gang Problem
36201 Massive Change: Economics and Management
36201 Massive Change: Economics & Finance
36300 Managing High Performance Government
36330 South Asia: Triumphs & Travails
36331 South Asia: Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges
36400 Principles of Epidemiology
36500 Demography of Aging/Life Course
36600 Writing for Public Policy Professionals
36601 Culture in the Marketplace
36610 Art Worlds & Cultural Policy
36701 Poverty, Inequality, and the Welfare State
36800 Higher Education and Public Policy
36901 Federalism and Decentralization
36910 Wind Power and Ethanol Production in the Great Plains
36921 Energy Economics & Policy
36930 Environmental Economics: Theory and Applications
36940 Industrial Organization and Regulation
37001 Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy in Latin America
37002 Topics in Mexican Economic Public Policy
37020 State-Building and Failure in the Developing World
37102 Crime Policy
37110 Competition Policy: Theory and Practice
37200 Domestic Politics and War
37210 Politics of Shaping Urban Policy
37250 Adventures in Urban Economic Development
37300 Health Law and Policy
37401 Organizations, Management, and Social Policy
37410 Leadership & Management
37420 Fundamentals of Leadership
37500 Latin American Economies of Developing Countries
37501 The Politics of Taste
37600 Theories of Justice and the Common Good: A Philosophical Approach to Public Policy
37700 Topics in Health Policy
37800 Law and Economics of Health and Health Care Markets
37810 From Health Policy to Clinical Practice
37900 Health Outcomes and the Quality of Medical Care
38000 Health Status Assessment: Measurement and Inference
38100 Economics and Public Policy Perspectives of Science and Technology
38101 Comparative Healthcare Systems & Pharmaceutical Policies: Lessons and Opportunities for Reform
38200 Cost Effectiveness Analysis
38300 Health Economics and Public Policy
38300 Health Economics and Public Policy
38401 Labor Market Institutions and Unemployment
38500 The Economics of Government Spending and Taxes
38510 Information Systems and Technology in the Public Sector
38520 GIS Applications in the Social Sciences
38600 Development Economics
38610 Strategic and Communication Skills for the Political Arena
38611 Political Campaigns, Persuasion & Strategic Communications
38701 Country Risk Analysis
38702 Urban Economics and Policy
38730 Terrorism, Insurgency & Civil War
38740 Conflict: Root Causes, Consequences, and Solutions for the Future
38750 Refugees, Security and Forced Migration
38800 Environmental Policy
38900 Environmental Science and Policy
39000 Topics in Environmental Policy
39101 Public Policy in a General Equilibrium Context
39110 How Major Federal Policies are Developed: The Players, the Conversation, and the Results
39111 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
39120 Philosophical Foundations of Policy Analysis
39201 Energy and Energy Policy
39210 Leading Through Persuasion: The Art of Communication
39300 Educational Organization and Social Inequality
39301 Organizations and Leaderships
39320 Energy in the 21st Century: Resources, Economics, the Environment, & Policy
39330 Education Leadership, Policy and Philanthropy
39401 Non-Profit Organizations
39402 Topics in U.S. Tax Policy
39403 Taxes, Transfers, and Non-Profits
39500 Law and Policy Making
39501 Law & Public Policy
39600 Introduction to Cultural Policy Studies
39610 Cultural Economics
39701 Research Methods for Cultural Policy
39702 The Politics of Culture
39703 Hot Button Topics in Cultural Policy
39710 Introduction to Cultural Policy
39800 Cultural Markets
39801 International Organizations in Theory and Practice
39810 Advanced Topics in International Security
39901 Policy Approaches to Mitigating Climate Change
39910 Environmental Analysis Methods 1
39911 Environmental Analysis Methods II
39920 Nuclear Energy and Nonproliferation
40000 Policy Analysis and Planning
40010 Leadership and Modern American Politics
40010 Leadership and Modern American Politics
40100 Policy Analysis: Methods and Applications
40200 Race, Wealth, and Public Policy
40300 Migration and Immigration: Causes and Consequences
40310 Poverty and Social Welfare Policy
40320 Nordic Model of Social Welfare
40400 Fertility/Reproductive Health and Marital Status
40500 Transitions to Adulthood
40600 Economics of Child and Family Policy
40700 Developmental Perspectives on Child and Family Policy
40800 International Health
40810 Policy Interventions to Improve Children's Health and Human Capital
40900 Work and Family: Policies to Promote Family Well-Being and Child Development
41000 Health Human Capital
41010 Transportation Planning and Policy
41100 Formal Models in the Politics of Policymaking I
41101 Political Economy 1: Introduction to Applied Game Theory
41102 Political Economy II: Applied Intermediate Applied Theory
41103 Political Economy 3: Testing Theories of Political Institutions
41120 Political Economy of Development
41200 Excavating Cultural Policy
41210 Physics and Technology for Future Policy Wonks
41300 Cost-Benefit Analysis
41400 Applied Regression Analysis
41410 Applied Data Analytics
41500 Intermediate Microeconomics
41600 Survey Research Methodology and Analysis
41700 Labor Markets and Public Policy
41800 Survey Questionnaire Design (old)
41800 Survey Questionnaire Design (new)
41900 Formal Models in the Politics of Policymaking II
42000 Applied Econometrics I
42100 Applied Econometrics II
42200 Financing State and Local Governments
42300 Service Provision by the Local Public Sector
42301 Privatization
42400 Measuring Public Value
42401 Aging and Health Policy
42500 Public Finance I
42510 Applied Financial Management
42520 The History of Financial Crises
42535 Banking Regulation and Management
42600 Long-Term Care Policy and Financing
42700 Managing Globalization
42800 U.S. Foreign Economic Policy
42810 U.S. Foreign Policy 1
42900 Foundations of International Political Economy
43100 Public Welfare Policy: Means-Tested Transfer Programs
43200 Political and Campaign Strategy
43300 The Policing of Culture
43400 Analyzing International Policy
43500 Educational Policies Regarding Curriculum and Testing
43600 Developing and Executing Policy in the Real World
43800 Empirical Analysis II
43801 Empirical Analysis II
43802 Empirical Analysis III
43900 Basic Demographic Analysis
44000 Public Economics
44100 Advanced Microeconomics for Policy Analysis I
44200 Advanced Microeconomics
44300 Labor Economics
44310 Public Policy and the Labor Market
44320 Environmental and Energy Economics
44340 Environmental and Energy Economics III
44400 Development Economics: Latin American Topics
44500 Seminar on Military Policy and International Relations
44600 The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth: A Social Policy Research Tool
44700 Separation of Powers and Public Policy
44800 Advanced Applications of Medical Cost Effectiveness Analysis
44810 Advanced Methods in Comparative Effectiveness Research
44900 Social Experiments: Design and Generalization
45000 The Nonprofit Sector: Behavior and Viability of Civil Society Organizations
45100 Philanthropy and Public Policy
45200 Comparative Regional Integration
45400 Longitudinal Data Analysis I
45401 Longitudinal Data Analysis II
45600 Economic Development
46000 Applied Medical Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
46100 The Health Services System
46200 Special Problems in Health Care Management
46300 Economics of Regulation
46400 Immigrants and Refugees in American Society
46500 Race and Ethnicity in American Political Life
46800 Political Processes in Policy Formulation and Implementation
47000 Advanced Health Economics
47300 Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models
47500 Advanced Topics in Political Economy
47700 Advanced Political Economy: Methods and Applications
47800 Inequalities and Health
47900 Fundamentals of Health Services Research: Theory, Methods, and Applications
48000 Health Promotion: Theory, Methods, and Applications
48300 Analysis of Microeconomic Data II (revision of Analysis of Microeconomic Data I)
48300 Analysis of Microeconomic Data II
48400 Analysis of Microeconomic Data III
49000 Political Economics of Institutions
50000 Public Policy Internship
50001 MA Paper Course
50100 MPP Paper Course
50200 PhD Workshop
50400 Science, Technology, and Policy
50500 McCormick Tribune
50501 Leadership in Chicago
50600 Urban Revitalization Project: Gary, Indiana
50800 Practicum
50804 Practicum: Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of Groupon
50805 Practicum: Cook County's Virtual High School Program: Assessing Participants Growth
50806 Practicum: Metropolitan Planning Council Parking Demand Management Project
50807 Practicum: Chicago Public Schools Charter School Renewal Process
50811 Practicum: State and Local Budgeting
50814 Practicum: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Extending Affordable Care Act to Undocumented Immigrants in Illinois
50820 Research Practicum: Urban Development at Navy Pier
50900 International Policy Practicum
51700 Energy Policy Practicum
51800 Practicum: Assessing the Top Box (Non-Profit) Food Supply Program
52000 Individual Reading and Research Course
55800 Perspectives in Social Welfare Politics
60000 Policy Labs
60010 Policy Lab I: Health Policy
60020 Policy Lab I: Crime Policy
60030 Policy Lab I: Human Services Innovation
60040 Policy Lab I: Labor Markets and Regulation