The University of Chicago Booth School of Business - M.P.P./M.B.A.

Chicago Harris and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business offer a combined degree program leading to the M.P.P. and M.B.A. degrees. Upon completion, students graduate with both a Master of Public Policy from Chicago Harris and a Master of Business Administration from Chicago Booth.

The joint degree program allows students who are interested in policy issues and business administration to have an integrated and comprehensive course of study. Students in this program take the seven required Chicago Harris core courses plus six electives for a total of 13 courses, instead of the usual 18, with Chicago Harris. Ten of the 13 courses must be Chicago Harris courses. Students also take 14 courses (instead of the usual 20) with Chicago Booth, thus earning both degrees in a total of three years. Both degrees must be awarded in the same quarter. Students who wish to participate in this program must be admitted to both Chicago Harris and Chicago Booth. Students already admitted to one of the Schools may apply during their first quarter for admission to the other.