Master of Arts in Public Policy with Certificate in Research Methods (MACRM)

The objective of the Master of Arts in Public Policy with a Certificate in Research Methods (MACRM) program is to prepare students for top-tier Ph.D. programs in economics and political science as well as other social sciences, policy, and business.  Applicants should exhibit strong quantitative backgrounds (including exposure to mathematical probability & statistics, multivariate calculus, and matrix algebra) and plan on pursuing admission to doctoral programs, seeking careers in academia, think tanks, or other research-oriented policy work.  The program will allow students the opportunity to take PhD-level coursework at Chicago Harris, afford them the opportunity to research and work with world-class faculty at the University of Chicago, and enable them to build a high-level research portfolio, further strengthening their candidacy for future PhD programs.


  • During the 15-month program (including the summer quarter), students will enroll in PhD core courses and participate in faculty-led research.

  • Students will complete a three quarter research apprenticeship with a faculty member, during which time they will work as research assistants and develop ideas for a research paper to be written in the summer/fall of the second year.

  • Faculty members will serve as "placement directors" for students pursuing admission to PhD programs after completing the MACRM.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will gain competency in research methods, economic theory, game theory, advanced econometrics, and quantitative modeling.

  • Students will gain hands-on research experience with faculty from various departments at UChicago.

  • Students will learn the importance and skills of quality research writing and analysis.

Sample Curriculum


Fall (Year 1)





PPHA42000:  Applied Econometrics I

PPHA42100:  Applied  Econometrics II

PPHA44100 Advanced Microeconomics for Policy I

PPHA 44200 Advanced Microeconomics for Policy Analysis II

Apprenticeship I

PPHA41101: Political Economy I: Introduction to Applied Game Theory

PPHA 41102: Political Economy II: Intermediate Applied Theory

PPHA 41103: Political Economy III: Testing Theoretical Models




Fall (Year 2)



Apprenticeship II

Apprenticeship I (cont.)

2 Electives