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Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor with the Harris Mentor Program! The information you provide here will help us to better match you with a mentee or affinity group. The photo and bio provided may also be used to highlight our exceptional mentors on our website. The profile will take about 15 minutes to complete.

There are three different roles that mentors can take on: First Mentors and Senior Mentors work with small affinity groups of students, and Individual Mentors are paired with one second-year student mentee. Information about each of these roles, including time commitments required for each, can be found here. Additional information about the mentor program structure can be found here.

Any questions about the Mentor Program can be directed to Andrew Dason at or 773-834-5959.

More information about the mentor roles, including time commitments required for each, can be found at
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One important component of a good mentor/student match is a shared understanding of what the mentoring relationship should be. What characteristics are most important in a mentee? What can you offer as a mentor?
For paired matches, personality is often a key component to a strong match. If there are certain personality traits that you prefer in a mentee please let us know here. Your thoughts will not be shared with your mentee or on your profile. Some mentees also find it valuable to have a mentor who shares certain identity characteristics, e.g. gender, race, nationality, sexual identity, political affiliation, etc. Are there any identity characteristics you would like to share to assist us with matching you to a mentee? These will not be included in your profile.
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